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What is On-Page SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

At the base of a successful digital marketing strategy is an optimized website that ranks well on search engines, therefore driving more traffic and ultimately more conversions. Search engine optimization is a multifaceted strategy that includes optimizing your website as well as other tactics. Taking the following steps to enhance the SEO on your website will help your business’ online rankings which will ultimately get you to the goals you have set for your brand online. To begin, what is on-page SEO?

On-Page SEO Simplified

When building your website, it is important to have these best practices in mind for successful future SEO campaigns. Building your site on the right platform and then once your site is built making sure the pages are optimized for search engines to index and then rank. On-page SEO includes factors like meta descriptions, page titles, images and image descriptions, and more. Basically, on-page SEO includes the items that you can improve on the site itself to optimize for search engines.

What Can I Do to Improve my On-Page SEO?  

Initially you want to establish your business’ most valuable keywords, which are words that people are searching for in high volumes and are relevant to your business. Once you have your list, about 10-15 keywords, the next step is incorporating them into your website. Writing your page titles and meta descriptions with these keywords incorporated will let the search engine bots, like Google’s crawlers, know what the page is about and let them know that this website is relevant for those words. Including images on your pages is also great for search engine optimization, and it also creates an opportunity to insert more keywords into the site with the alternate image description. Then of course having great content and continually updating the content on your site in the form of blogs will also increase the SEO on your website.

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