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What is Link-Building?

Search Engine Optimization

Having a great looking and well-built site, being on all the social media platforms and putting out great content all lead back to being found online. Search engine optimization is part of the strategy that gets your brand found online via search engines. 3.5 billion searches are conducted on Google every day, so that should put to bed any doubt that your potential customer isn’t using search engines to find you. One method for increasing your ranking on search engine is through off-page strategies like link-building and starting to practice this tactic will help your brand get closer and closer to the coveted number one spot.

Link-Building Simplified

As crawlers index sites, they also crawl all the links from those sites across the website. A link that leads back to your site is a backlink, and the more backlinks a site has, the bigger online footprint it has. A site is arguably more relevant and useful if a lot of people are not only reading and seeing the content, but actively linking back to it, using it as a reference and promoting the material on their own sites. Link-building involves, basically what the name implies, creating this links that come back to your site.

How Do I Build Links for Search Engine Optimization?

A big part of search engine optimization is showing the importance and relevance of your site and a lot of value is given to backlinks from credible websites. But how do you go about getting them? First, by making sure you have content that stands out and other sites would want to link to. As an industry leader, you have insights and information into your business that others would not only find interesting but would want to link back. Backlinks can be earned naturally with this method, but you could also partner with other businesses and feature links about each other. Directory listings are just one more of many ways you can also create links back to your site.

Link building is an important part of search engine optimization, but it is just one of many strategies for your brand to employ online. Vibe Digital is an industry leader when it comes to digital marketing with vast knowledge on how to help brands excel online with the use of search engine optimization. Connect with us online today and get started making sure your business is in the number one spot on search engines that it deserves to be in.

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