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What is an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing

Whether it be a product or a service, you know you have a great business. You have the right personnel running it and the right processes for it to function perfectly. Now all that’s left is making sure that the people that need you are finding you! In this new era of connecting with audiences around the world, having a great digital marketing strategy is critical and an inbound marketing strategy is one of the components of online marketing that your business could be utilizing.

Inbound Marketing Simplified

When you think of inbound versus outbound marketing imagine your business’ actions in order to define one or the other. In an outbound marketing strategy, the business is actively putting out information to mass audiences and hoping that some of those people are looking for their service or product. For example, a billboard would be an example of presenting your business to every car that drives past it on the freeway, but with only a fraction needing that service or product at that time.

An inbound marketing strategy, oftentimes found in digital marketing, is having the information available and optimizing it so that the people searching for that information at the time that they need it are finding you. So, for example, if you put out a social media post, a picture or video of your business and use the appropriate hashtags so that people can be led into your online web. With an inbound marketing strategy, you are attracting people and then engaging and delighting them at every step of their online interaction with you.

Which Digital Marketing Strategy is Right for You?

Each business is going to have an ideal audience to target and depending on how broad or specific it is, a mix of all the marketing strategies will probably work best for your business. Online advertising, content marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing are just a few of the tools that a business can utilize to make sure that their brand is exposed to their potential customers. Navigating which strategies or tools your business should use can be an overwhelming and complicated task, but luckily, you’ve found Vibe Digital! We are expert in taking brands to the next level by utilizing the best online marketing strategies for their unique needs. Connect with us today and start making sure that your perfect customers are finding you today!

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