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The H2W Apparel Story

The H2W Apparel Story

In 2017, the founder and CEO of a construction company (and busy single mom) got fed up with the way traditional bra designers created products that were ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and made zero sense for the bodies of most women. A sketch of her dream bra while waiting for a flight turned into a business plan – and H2W Apparel was born.

H2W Apparel + Vibe Digital

H2W Apparel was an immediate hit with women who had heard of the line through word-of-mouth and a small, yet mighty Facebook following. But CEO Tamara Brunow had bigger ideas. To grow from a local business to an apparel line capable of competing in the global fashion and activewear market, H2W Apparel needed to boost its brand awareness, build consumer loyalty, and increase sales through social media, paid ads, public relations, and blog content.

The goals:

  • Establish H2W Apparel as an alternative to traditional bra designers who don’t understand the wants and needs of real women.
  • Build loyal customers and engagement through a larger, more widespread social media following.
  • Identify with, excite and relate to its customer base through empowering key messaging and blog content that also boosted SEO and site traffic.
  • Share the brand’s story, boost sales and target key customer bases through strategic, powerful public relations campaigns.
  • Find influencers to advocate for the brand.

Social Media

Vibe Digital worked to drive relevant traffic and increase engagement to H2W Apparel’s Facebook page.

  • Highly-targeted Facebook ads encouraged consumers to like the page.
  • Daily Facebook posts promoted the brand’s key messaging, sales and specials, blog posts, and related to followers through funny or inspirational content.
  • Boosted posts for blogs about empowering women inspired consumers to like, comment on, and share the articles.
  • Influencer posts touting the brand with images, tags and reviews.


A 300+ percent increase in social media following in less than eight months, from 300 followers to more than 12,000.
A $.20 CPC rate and 5:1 ROI ratio
A loyal consumer base of which 73 percent are repeat buyers.
More than 20,000 impressions in April 2019 alone

Organic Content

Vibe Digital created regular blogs on customers who had inspiring stories to tell. One woman had become a champion marathon runner after being bullied for having Alopecia all her life. Another had overcome an eating disorder through powerlifting. An idea for a related influencer campaign began to take off.


  • An SEO increase of 15 percent as the blogs included relevant keywords, as well as a growing backlink presence and social shares and clicks.
  • Email marketing and paid ads thrived as the blogs brought attention to the brand and encouraged conversions.
  • Successful influencer marketing efforts that reached new segments of consumers as the subjects of the blogs became brand ambassadors.
  • Branding of H2W Apparel as an empowering bra line for strong, confident and powerful women who can overcome anything, especially with the help of a really great bra.
  • A new customer base breast cancer survivors that grew through reviews, testimonials and social posts from women who had embraced the bra post-surgery as they healed.
  • Regular highly-shareable content ripe for Facebook and Instagram that consumers loved to engage with.

Public Relations

Vibe Digital had two ideas for H2W Apparel when it came to public relations: Start small to go big, and look beyond the traditional print and broadcast realm (although those were crucial, too). We started positioning the company and its founder as a force to be reckoned with; an example of perseverance, success, leadership and empowerment in the face of adversity. Local media was targeted, as were interesting bloggers with a hefty crop of followers.


  • H2W Apparel was featured in every outlet in the Omaha, Nebraska media market, including TV news features, regular online and print stories, and blogger coverage.
  • Every time a broadcast, online or print story was published, H2W Apparel sales would increase by 50 percent for at least 7-10 days after.
  • H2W Apparel began to receive national inquiries through online publications, including being named as a great 2018 Mother’s Day gift for tech-savvy moms.
  • H2W Apparel’s CEO was nominated for – and often won – business and entrepreneurial leadership awards that led to additional PR campaigns further media coverage.
  • An upcoming feature in Good Housekeeping and review by the GH Institute.
  • Global consumer reach, especially in Australia and Europe.
  • H2W Apparel and its CEO were publicly honored on the floor of the U.S. Senate as “Small Business of the Day” after a senator read a published news story written by Vibe Digital. The attention resulted in a successful email campaign, social shares and engagement, and additional media coverage.

Read more: https://h2wapparel.com/blogs/press

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