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How Important is Content?

Content Marketing

In this new era of absorbing information, consumers are exposed to more than ever before. Researching which product to buy and which service to use presents people with more options than they have ever had and the process for picking which company will ultimately gain their business has drastically changed in recent years. 53% of consumers said that they feel connected to a brand when their values are aligned, and that ultimately means they will be more likely to choose that brand. But how do you show people what your brand stands for? The answer is content marketing.  

What is Content Marketing?

Content can come in any way, shape or form and there are countless mediums that users consume content. Videos, blogs, infographics, pictures, podcasts, and the list goes on and on. Basically, it is any form of information that is created for people to engage with and share. That means that content marketing is making sure that the information is distributed through the proper channels, utilizing the best techniques, so that the maximum number of consumers are exposed to it. Making sure that your brand is creating high-quality content is only one step, making sure that that high-quality content is reaching the perfect audience is the next.

How Important is it to Overall Marketing Campaign?

78% of consumers said that they preferred getting to know a company through articles over ads. And even if someone is first introduced to your brand online via an ad, it is important that the substance is established so that that consumer can connect and engage with your brand. With so many options and so much competition online, consumers are looking to have relationships with the brands they choose, and these relationships are made based on content.

So how important is it? Critical. Producing and distributing content is vital to your business and its online marketing strategy. Vibe Digital is an expert in the field of content marketing, working with only the best and the brightest to not only produce creative and professional content, but also to make sure that it gets to the hands of your brand’s perfect audience. Connect with us online today and find out how we can take your brand to the next level online through content marketing.

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