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Gerald Miller, P.A. is a premier DWI and criminal defense law firm with a longtime reputation for superior results. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the firm – made up of three attorneys – skillfully, aggressively, and compassionately represents criminal defendants across Minnesota. The firm has earned the “SuperLawyer” designation by Thomson Reuters, as well as dozens of other awards and accolades. This blog will outline the firm’s digital marketing strategy and results after signing on with Vibe Digital Marketing, a Los Angeles-based boutique agency that currently specializes in results-driven law firm digital marketing. 

Gerald Miller + Vibe Digital 

The firm’s founder, Gerald Miller, has run his practice for nearly 40 years. In the past, he had attracted the majority of his clients through heavy Yellow Page advertising. He had enjoyed a strong return on his investment. But Jerry understood that times have changed, and he had fully embraced marketing in the digital age. He wanted online channels to bring him even better results than he had seen in the past. 

In 2015, a local digital marketing agency designed a new website for the firm and began running Google, Facebook, and Bing ads with a conservative ad spend. The agency also hired a writer to craft 1,200-word legal blogs twice a month and post them to social media. The approach was conservative. Results were slow but satisfactory, with traffic to the website and subsequent lead inquiries gradually increasing and/or remaining steady month-to-month. Jerry wanted a higher Google ranking, and while a Google Ads and SEO expert had offered suggestions to bring stronger results, the agency believed the original tactics and campaign strategies should remain in place. 

That local marketing agency shut its doors in April 2019. Vibe Digital took over the account the same month. After speaking with Jerry and his attorneys – and doing an audit of the account – we determined that a more aggressive approach was needed to bring the significant, measurable results the firm needed in a highly-competitive area of practice. 

The Challenge: Google Search Ranking

Gerald Miller, P.A. was ranking lower in Google search results than its top competitors. With studies showing that Google’s top search results go to nearly 70% of clicks – 90% of web traffic doesn’t go past the first results page – paid and organic SEO needed some help. We wanted to boost the firm’s ranking, increase conversions, and generate more client consultations. 

Approach 1: Organic SEO 

We looked at possible SEO strategies and determined that several things needed to happen to boost Jerry’s organic search ranking: 

Video. Video is an important and powerful form of online content that can make a significant contribution to SEO, increase conversions and present a huge ROI. We flew to Minneapolis and filmed with Jerry and his associate attorneys. Our strategy was to create commercial-style videos between two minutes and 45 minutes that would be strategically placed in key areas of the website, as well as a handful of 15 to 60-second pieces that could be used on the firm’s stagnant social media channels. All six videos were also placed on a new YouTube channel created especially for the firm – a deliberate and focused move with YouTube being the second-largest search engine behind Google. 

Creatively, the videos – the plan included bios of all three attorneys, an overview of the firm, scripted FAQs, and more – aimed to inform viewers, demonstrate the experienced, successful, and friendly vibe of the lawyers, and – most importantly – evoke a strong emotional reaction that would compel prospective clients to schedule a consultation with the firm. 

Content Overhaul. The main site content, including copy and photos, had not been updated in four years. We replace all of the existing copy with new, SEO-driven language that highlights key services and search terms. In addition, we added more written content to areas of the website that were most likely to drive traffic, such as service pages and a  page explaining the different types of criminal charges. The content refresh also included written bios of each attorney that would be placed alongside the corresponding biographical video. 

– More Legal Blogs to Boost SEO. We revised our blog strategy to include more SEO-driven language within legal topics prospective clients were most likely to search for on Google. What’s more, we increased the firm’s number of monthly blogs from four to eight; our writers also began publishing long-form blogs and shorter blogs to appeal to different audiences and boost Organic SEO. Well written, SEO-driven content that tells a story delivers higher results, including larger online visibility, more social sharing, better link building, and reliable site authority. 

SEO Audit. An audit of geraldmillerlawyer.com was conducted to detect any technical SEO issues, website structure issues, back-end problems, speed, outdated or broken links, on-page SEO glitches and more. Several problems were found in all areas and were repaired to ensure visitors wouldn’t immediately bounce. Our audit also identified strategies to increase page views and enhance the firm’s overall online presence. 

Approach 2: Paid Search 

– Google Ads. Since Jerry wanted to appear higher in Google search results, generate more website traffic, boost lead conversions and, ultimately, see bigger client revenues– an increase in his Google Ads budget was necessary. We increased his monthly ads budget to reflect our more aggressive approach.  

Google Local Search Ads. We advised Jerry that Google Local Search Ads were likely to appear higher in search results as well as increase conversions, since they would make the firm more visible to potential clients at the moments they are searching for a DWI attorney, especially when using their mobile phones. 

– Search Term Expansion and Keywords. We conducted a keyword analysis and employed proven SEO tactics to increase website traffic. 


– In 2019, Gerald Miller, P.A. saw $1,115,500 in revenue on a marketing spend of only $62,000 for ads. That is a large return on investment, or ROI. 

– Vibe Digital generated 1,472 leads last year through our campaigns, which directly correlated to half of the firm’s total revenue. 

– Gerald Miller, P.A. has moved up in organic Google search ranking to second or third on the page using a variety of keyword searches. 

– Our campaigns generated double the total leads and form submissions across all channels compared to the same last year. 

– The firm is seeing an average of 175 high-quality leads every month, a nearly 50 percent increase over the same period last year. 

– Conversions from Facebook ads went up 100 percent compared to last year. 

– June 2019 saw the highest number of leads and conversions since the firm’s digital marketing efforts began in 2015. 

– At the same time, June was the firm’s largest month for revenue in four years. 

 – Again, the firm is receiving a huge ROI, with its fees from only two new clients paying for Vibe Digital’s entire monthly digital marketing campaign.

– Gerald Miller, P.A. has seen a 30 percent increase in new clients. 

Current and Future Efforts 

– New Landing Pages. Before we begin working on a new website design, our web development team is building three high-converting landing pages specific to areas of criminal law that Jerry would like to increase. Our hypothesis is that by breaking out these areas – assault, domestic assault, and drug charges – similar to the DWI landing pages, we will drive more organic and paid traffic from potential clients looking for attorneys who are experienced in those areas. The landing pages will include an information center that talks about the different types of cases: “Assault,” “Domestic Assault,” and “Drug” related.

– New Photos on Home Page. We replaced the home page images to show the natural, approachable side of the firm and added a ribbon highlighting the firm’s many awards and recognitions. 

– Updated Client Testimonials Page. We refreshed the client testimonials page to include new reviews and testimonials from Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and links to all three sites. 

– Reviews. Adding reviews is a smart strategy for improving SEO and Google Ads. We advised Jerry and his team to ask all successful cases to leave Google reviews, including the following opening statements for SEO: “Minneapolis DWI lawyer Gerald Miller” and “The Gerald Miller DWI Attorneys in Minneapolis.” More reviews are coming in, and Jerry currently has a ranking of 4.9 stars out of five, with the lone lower review from someone who never actually became a client. We are well on the road back to five stars. 

– Live Chat. The addition of a live chat pop-up has increased conversions and made it faster, easier, and more efficient for attorneys and their staff to communicate with – and convert – potential clients. 

– Social Media. We are continuing to implement social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to attract more followers and consistently post valuable, high-quality content that people are looking for. 

– Facebook Ads. We are running a Facebook ad specific to DWI arrests. To date, an average of three clients per month (at a minimum of $4,400 each) have resulted from the campaign, With an ad spend of  only $275 per month, that is clearly a successful ROI. 

Ready to Learn More? 

Digital ad spend has more than doubled since 2016. Experts say digital ad spending in the U.S. is set to grow by 19% this year to nearly $130 billion – surpassing traditional ad spending for the first time. Mobile optimization is crucial to every marketing strategy, as it accounts for more than two-thirds of total digital ad spending and dominates in most industries.

At the same time, organic SEO – including video and written content – increases website traffic, consumer engagement, and conversions. It also builds trust and credibility. Social media platforms offer unique opportunities to attract, engage with, and educate potential clients.

Bottom line? Developing digital campaigns is crucial to your law firm’s business. Successful law firms should be looking ahead and developing digital marketing strategies to boost their brand awareness. Vibe Digital can help.

Email maggie@getvibedigital.com. Let’s get started.

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