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Can I SEO My Social Media Pages?

Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimization is heavily dependent on social signals when calculating online rankings. Although Google’s official stand is that social media does not play a role in rankings, we do see evidence that businesses who have optimized social media profiles see higher rankings versus their social-media-lacking counterparts. It is worth mentioning that Bing also does account for some of the search engine market and they did make it clear that social media does play a role in their ranking. With both of those pieces of evidence, it is clear to see that social media marketing is an important part of ranking online and you can take real steps to optimizing your profiles and positively affecting your SEO.

1: Complete and Consistent Profiles

Social media marketing begins with making sure the foundations, the profiles themselves, are completely built and that means filled out. Include relevant links in your different bios, use keywords in about sections, and makes sure that your name, address, phone number (NAP) are consistent across all your channels.

2: Using Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms incorporate hashtags to connect people with information. Essentially, hashtags act as keywords on social media, and search engines can utilize them to determine the relevancy of your content. Utilizing your most valued keywords as hashtags, when appropriate, will aide in getting your content ranking on search engines, and ultimately more traffic to your site.

3: Posting Shareable Content Consistently

Making sure that those hashtags are leading back to engaging and relevant content is important in making sure that the audience will interact with your profiles. The more interaction, the more search engines see that your content should be ranking. Posting consistently across social media channels, and posting great content are two more ways that you can optimize your social media profiles.

Social Media Marketing Grows SEO

There are different strategies and tactics to increasing your SEO and ultimately getting more traffic to your website to convert into new business. Social media marketing and SEO go hand and hand and having a plan in both will increase the overall effectiveness of your online campaign. At Vibe Digital, we know the importance of this type of strategy and can provide your business the highest quality online marketing strategy. You’ve got goals for your business, let us help you exceed them with our online marketing expertise. Connect with us today and we’ll get started on taking your business to the next level.

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